State of the Knitting + Other Expensive Hobbies

Current projects on the go: 3

Herbivore by Stephen West
In Timeless Tweed 4ply
Using the most gorgeous green out of my entire stash (I have a lot of green) I decided to take on this twisted rib shawl pattern as part of my shawl challenge. The tweed yarn really suits this pattern.

Aeolian by Elizabeth Freeman
In Artists’ Palette Yarns Cashmere Cobweb
A nice beadedl shawl in pure mongolian cashmere. The yarn is from deep stash, and is subtly variegated in shades of brown, yellow and a hint of purple. Will probably make it a little bigger than the pattern says.

Somewhere in between these two shawls I’m finishing up a pair of basic self-striping socks.

I plan on getting all of these finished by April 27th. Yeah. Wish me luck on that one, huh?

In other news I realised I can actually kind of afford to get myself a BJD! You know. Those big expensive resin dolls. I really wanted one a long time ago - at the time, I was after a Luts Kid Delf Bory. Not so keen on that one now, but I’ve got a few in mind.

I just like the whole customisation aspect of them, and some look really unique. Does anyone have any good resources for tutorials, for face-ups and the like? Or links to bjd inspiration pics?

How Not to Crochet

I have spent a considerable amount of time in the last two days learning how to crochet. Crocheting is a craft that I have been interested in, but have been floored repeatedly by my total inability to tension my yarn properly. I just can’t seem to manage it in my left hand at all. However, as of today, I have successfully crocheted a - wait for it - totally awesome granny square!! Ahahaa… yeah that’s so not awesome. Shut up, it’s the first thing I’ve ever crocheted.

(I’ll use it to stop my supported spindling dish from sliding all over the damn place, I think).


Well, I learned that I can kind of almost nearly tension properly with my left hand. I’m certainly doing better than the last time I tried, at any rate. That was awesome! However, this learning experience, along with all the learning materials I have referred to, were all promptly defenestrated when I finally decided the following: screw this, I’ll crochet the same way I bloody well knit.

…yep. I throw my crochet yarn. The crochet police will be knocking at my door any minute now.

Hear me out, though! If I do it this way, it feels natural, I’m more comfortable, I feel less strain on my wrist, I’m not struggling to make simple stitches, my tension is actually consistent, I’m working faster, and my treble stitches don’t get all twisted and weird like they did when I tried it the “proper” way.

When I brought it up elsewhere, some people struggled to visualise it. I’m thinking I might do a little video or something, but basically? My right hand is doing the work. My left hand just holds the project. For me, it’s a gazillion times more comfortable.

I am one step closer to covering my house in amigurumi.


Completed Daybreak, pattern by Stephen West! Number 4 of my 12 shawls challenge, and it counts towards the “two over 500m” as, according to my scales and math (not entirely confident about how good either of those are), I used 503m total.

Yarns used are Noro Silk Garden Sock, and Rowan Pure Wool 4ply. The Noro was deep stash (I count anything over 2 years old as deep stash), and the Rowan I bought for a different project last October. It was pretty satisfying using deep stash - I should dig out some more!

I really like this shawl - it’s sort of a “wear anywhere!” look, so I suspect it will get lots of abuse.


 Not such good pics this time - these are sadly phone camera pics. But anyway, this is Shawl #3 of my challenge! Temptress, by BooKnits.

From this experience, I have learned that picot bind offs are evil.



Вязаная еда. Пока только овощи. Но автор - японская мастерица Jung Jung - обещает скоро расширить коллекцию. У нее даже есть сайт.

I CAN’T READ A WORD OF THIS, but these are pretty dang awesome. Like, me and the reblog button don’t get along, but we reconciled just to reblog these wooly vegetables and dish them out fairly.

(Source: gametrol)

I Need To Knit This

See this? It’s a chameleon by Hansi Singh. I need to knit one of these. No, wait… I need to knit fifteen of these. In lots of different sizes, colours, and yarn weights. And they will sit on my bookshelf, lie all over my books, boxes, and companion cube biscuit jar, and be all like “sup.”

I’ve never really knitted toys but I do just plain need a gajillion yarn chameleons. Desperately. The pinker, the better.

Pic by the designer.


Well. Like I said, I started Stephen West’s Daybreak pattern last night - it’s that one, on the bottom. With the stripes. I’m already this far! Doing well! I’m using Noro Silk Garden Sock, and Rowan Pure Wool 4ply.

Above it, there’s Booknits’ Temptress (that WIP I’m still waiting on beads for - I am so close to finishing). Yarn is Lichtfaden Royal Alpaca/Silk Lace in the OOAK Shadow Rose colourway. There’s also… my knitting box?

My knitting box contains a pair of embroidery scissors, three tapestry needles, a little tin of stitch markers, a needle gauge, and a crochet hook stitch corrector thingy I never use and only have because it was a gift. No tape measure - I need a new one.

For stitch markers… I never used to use them except when marking a center stitch, but now I use Ring-Os from Fripperies ‘n Bibelots. They’re little, pretty, unobtrusive, don’t tangle in my knitting, don’t fray like little yarn loops do, and it’s made spotting and fixing mistakes a much easier process! Go, stitch markers! \o/

That Feeling When…

You’re extremely close to finishing your project, but can’t because you ran out of beads. Right at the damn finish line. I have that feeling right now. So much frustration. So much. I actually already ordered additional beads last week, but they were out of stock and won’t have any until Friday.

My poor March shawl (Temptress by Boo) will just have to wait until I get more beads.

This means… NEW PROJECT TIME!!

Today, I am casting on Daybreak by Stephen West.

I also found a beautiful new shawl pattern that I must add to this year’s project queue!

This is the Lilac Wish Lace Shawl by Alina Appisov (image from the purchase page). I think I will knit it in some leftover Easyknits Twinkle Lace, since it’s just about the right colour… I must consider this, though, as it also has glitter, and I’m not sure if glitter will suit this pattern.

To me, it looks spring-y, so I think I’ll insert it into my April or May shawl slot. Daybreak was originally in my April slot, so April is free.

Juno is very quickly becoming one of my favourite dyers. And I just received some gorgeous Buffy Sock Yarn in purples and browns.

Not long to go! Aaah, I’m so excited! This is what my (totally actually non-existant) yarn diet is building up to - one big yarny shopping spree! Though I should probably stop building mental shopping lists in my head…

I’m gonna buy spindles from IST and Mandacrafts, and a new project bag, and cashmere/silk from Knitwitches, and I don’t even know what from Juno, and shawl pins, and and and…

But yes. Fingers crossed, this year’s weather will be better. Last year, we all nearly froze and we were driving back through floods - the water levels on the road was above the tire arches of the car. The year before, it was glorious warm summer-like sunshine. This year, I have no idea, April is just too unpredictable.